Here you can find details about some of my most recent compositions. I love composing and would be more than happy to compose for ensembles for all kinds of different events and performances. I also arrange music for a variety of ensembles - do contact me, I'd be happy to help.

A Dream From Before - 2019


My first ever album tells a story about dreams and different worlds. Available on Bandcamp here and iTunes here. Have a listen below to one of the tracks!

Suite for Solo Cello - 2018

As part of an applied research project, I have been researching what makes an effective cello suite with specific influence from Britten and Bach. This piece is a culmination of what I have learned and the ways in which I have decided to apply it to my own work.


Der Sichern Jugend Weilt - 2018

Based loosely on the character interaction in Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', this piece uses musical content to dictate the most important aspect of it - player interaction. My first time composing for clarinet, I had a lot of fun experimenting with the ways I could write realistically and in innovative ways for it.


I Spread Without Harm - 2017

Electronic piece featuring live acoustic performance looking at the idea of aborescence as coined by Xenakis in a more structural sense. How can one simple, original idea develop into so many other things, and what implications does that have?


Overture No. 1 - 2017 and Overture No. 2 - 2018

This piece, composed specially for the Leeds University Composers' Showcase, explores the sounds you might hear before the performance begins, and is based on my own real experiences. You can watch the live recording of the performance  below at 7 minutes in. A follow-up piece will be performed in the summer of 2018 for chamber orchestra.

Free Wine - 2017

Sometimes people who want to get you to do something advertise that thing as something which it is not. This piece is about that, and contains excerpts from Haydn's 'The Creation' as well as pitch mapping based on the voice reading religious texts.


Alleluia! A new work has come on hand - 2016

This Christmas carol was entered into the BBC Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016, and is based upon the words of a traditional Christmas verse.


Decomposition no. 1- 2016

This electroacoustic piece started life as an exploration of the soundscapes that can be found in cafes and around food, looking at ideas of destruction in order to create. This idea grew with the composition process as I began to look at the news around me at the time. Donald Trump had just been voted in as President Elect, the UK had voted to leave the European Union - were we destroying old ways in order to create something better, or just destroying?