A Little Update...


Hello there! As is happening too often, I’ve not posted on here for a while. I’ve been thinking about why that is, and I have come to the conclusion that I do have a lot to say, just not all of it is about music. Therefore (you may have noticed) I’ve given the title of this blog a little update and plan, in the very near future, to start posting again. This time though I’ll be posting about music alongside anything else that interests me, or that I want to share. This might be broader things about the arts, literature, theatre, what’s going on in the world or my life at that moment, or other things that I’ve created that aren’t directly related to music (or, indeed, are).

I figured that this would give me much more reason to share and post on here, and hopefully it will make it a more interesting place for everyone too. See you soon!

Benjamin JacksonComment