Hello! It's lovely to see you on here - whether you read my old blog (at https://asliceofmusicalcake.blogspot.co.uk if you want to visit it to have a look at some old posts - at least the ones I haven't transferred over to here) or are a new reader, I really hope you'll enjoy what I've got to share with you.

The idea behind 'A Slice of Musical Cake' was originally to talk about a new piece of music for each week and perhaps look at this music from a variety of different angles. I'm hoping to continue that idea in 2018 along with some more general posts and ideas about music on the whole, what I'm up to musically, what the world's up to musically and what music means in different circumstances. Rest assured, this is definitely the same blog - just broadened somewhat, given a bit of a face-lift and if anything, taken a little bit more seriously (although not too seriously, of course).

I hope to see you soon for some new blog posts, discussions (feel free to join in in the comments on here or on whatever medium I share these posts via) and hopefully a year full of, yes, ups and downs but full of music and meaning and life and all sorts of exciting things. See you around!