Music lessons tailored for you

I offer lessons both in school and privately in a number of subjects in groups or as individuals. I am fully DBS checked and am an accredited music teacher with Sheffield Music Hub.

Contact me to book a lesson or block using the button below:

Private Tuition Prices:

Check below for lesson prices. I offer individual ‘pay as you go’ lessons, or discounted lessons in blocks of 4.

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I am an accredited teacher with Sheffield Music Hub - if you would like to consult me about lessons in your Sheffield school and pricing, do feel free to contact me using this website or my email address.

Lessons cost £140 per term for 11 individual lessons, or £70 per term for 11 shared lessons.


Cello Lessons

My first study instrument, I would love to share my passion for the cello with you. Whether you want to learn the basics, improve certain skills or become a master at the cello, I'll be here to help. With extensive solo and orchestral experience, I'll be able to help cellists at all sorts of different stages in their journey in all sorts of different situations.


Piano Lessons

Learning the piano is one of the most useful things I have ever done. This instrument teaches the brain how to co-ordinate, understand and express, and basic piano skills are required in all sorts of musical situations nowadays! I'll be able to help start you on your journey to success on the piano as well as teach you how to add more to your piano playing as you start to get even better.


Music Theory Lessons

Music theory can often seem like a bit of a  chore - it certainly did for me when I was learning it! But after years of study, I've developed a love for all things music theory. There's something very exciting about the way music works, and I can't wait to share it with you! Whether you want to build skills or enter for a graded exam, I'll take you through the necessary steps in an exciting yet clear way so that you not only succeed but really enjoy yourself at the same time.


Academic Tutoring

If you want some extra help with your music work at school, then I'm happy to help. Whether you're in primary, secondary, doing GCSEs or A levels, I can tailor what we learn for you. It might be looking at set works and working out how to write music essays, or developing certain skills which will help you in your studies, or anything else that you want help with. Having achieved an A at A level and then going onto study at university, I'm well suited to tutoring and adapting to your needs. 

I will also happily tutor in English Literature (which I achieved an A* at A level), which I also have a passion for at any stage up to and including A level, as well as offering to help work on reading skills up to KS3, as I have undertaken a 'Reading Matters' course and found helping young people learn to read incredibly rewarding.


Composition Lessons

One of my greatest musical passions, I'd love to work with you on composition skills. Whether you want help with basic composition techniques, or more complex ideas and principles - or if you're just struggling to get those ideas down and express yourself - I'll be here to help. My main areas of composition include classical, avant-garde/contemporary, minimalism and electronic, but do have a chat with me beforehand as there are many other areas in which I can be of assistance too.


Cancellation Policy

Just to let you know - I ask that if you need to cancel, I need 48 hours' notice. If not, the lesson is still chargeable. This is common practice among instrumental teachers as we set aside time for you which if we can't fill, we can no longer use - so 48 hours gives us time to try and fill that time again. 

I reserve the right to cancel at any time before the lesson, but if I do you won't have to pay a penny, as that would be my fault! And I will always endeavour to be there no matter what anyway. For more information, see the terms outlined in the contract which is given at the start of tuition. You can also contact me for copies of the appropriate written contracts at any time.

You can find more details by looking at the relevant contract under the ‘Documents’ button at the top of this website.